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  Department of Psychology

Historical context of the Department of Psychology of the University San Carlos in the Philippines

(Chronology of Philippine Psychology)


The University of the Philippines Department of Psychology is established within the School of Education. Agustin Alonzo is chairman.


The Department of Psychology at the University of Santo Tomas is established.


Sinforoso Padilla organizes the Psychological Clinic at the University of the Philippines.


Jesus Perpinan sets up the Far Eastern University Psychological Clinic.


Angel de Blas, OP, sets up the Experimental Psychology Laboratory in the University of Santo Tomas.


Estefania Aldaba-Lim sets up the Institute of Human Relations at Philippine Women's University.


Joseph Goertz, SVD, establishes the Psychology Department at the
University of San Carlos.


Fr. Jaime Bulatao establishes the Department of Psychology and the Central Guidance Bureau at the Ateneo de Manila University.


The Philippine Psychological Corporation is founded. The corporation offers psychological services and is the main retailer of psychological tests.


The Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) is founded.


The PAP holds its first annual convention, leading to its first publication, Symposium on the Filipino Personality.


The Philippine Journal of Psychology, the official journal of the PAP makes its first appearance.


The PAP, together with the Philippine Association of Social Workers, Philippine Economics Society, Philippine National Historical Association, Philippine Sociological Society, and Philippine Statistical Association form the Philippine Social Science Council.


Psychology becomes the most popular undergraduate major in many colleges and universities.


Psychological testing flourishes as the overseas contract workers boom begins.


The Pambansang Samahan ng Sikolohiyang Pilipino is founded by Virgilio Enriquez


Several universities in the Visayas and Mindanao establish psychology departments.


The PAP decides the time has come for quality control in the practice of psychology. It introduces a bill in the Batasan Pambansa that would require practicing psychologists to be licensed.


Amaryllis T. Torres is named an Outstanding Young Scientist by the NAST "In recognition of her researches in population, industrial psychology, social development and participatory strategies, and in evaluation studies, as well as her work on human development training."


EDSA Revolution overthrows the Marcos dictatorship. Psychologists play a key role in the new government's Moral Recovery Program.


Ma. Lourdes Arrelano-Carandang's book Filipino Children Under Stress is published. The book is cited by the Catholic Mass Media Awards for "its facscinating probe of a sad social concern, written in lucid language for the lay reader who cares deeply about out children".


Alfredo V. Lagmay is named National Scientist by President Corazon Aquino.


The PAP is among the founding members of the Afro-Asian Psychological Association.


Jaime Bulatao is named National Social Scientist by the Philippine Social Science Council.


Ma. Cecilia G. Conaco is named an Outstanding Young Scientist by the NAST "In recognition of her pioneering works on ethnicity and fertility which led to the development of models and ethnic-specific…population control strategies...in the Philippines. Her other pioneering works on the psychology f Filipino women and social cognition have resulted in the development of strategies on persuasion and attitude change which are very relevant to the country's national development efforts."


The PAP and nine other national psychological associations establish the Asia-Oceania Psychological Association.


The PAP names Ma. Lourdes Arellano-Carandang, Abraham Felipe, and Patricia Licuanan as Outstanding Psychologists.


Jaime C. Bulatao's Phenomena and Their Interpretation is published.


Virgilio Enriquez publishes From Colonial to Liberation Psychology.


Ma. Lourdes Arellano-Carandang is named National Social Scientist by the Philippine Social Science Council.


The PAP hosts a regional conference of the International Council of Psychologists with the theme "Psychological Issues in a Growing Global Community". The proceedings are later published in a book, Understanding Behavior, Bridging Cultures.


The PAP names Virgilio Enriquez, Allen Tan, and Amaryllis Tiglao-Torres as Outstanding Psychologists.


Allan B.I. Bernardo is named Outstanding Young Scientist Award by the National Academy of Science and Technology "in recognition of his significant research studies on the roles of language and other contextual factors in the development of higher-order cognitive processes and representation particularly in the are of mathematical cognition, that provide scientific bases for rationalizing educational practice and reform".


The PAP hosts the 4th biannual Afro-Asian Psychological Association.


Ma. Emma Concepcion D. Liwag, is named an Outstanding Young Scientist by the NAST "In recognition of her significant scientific research works on the emotional and cognitive development of children...Her work...provides scientific knowledge that can be used to guide therapy for children who experience traumatic or highly emotional events, and to design educational programs to prepare children for the cognitive challenges of the 21st century, is unmatched by any other psychologist in the country."


Cristina J. Montiel receives the Distinguished Contribution Award from the Psychologists for Social Responsibility of the American Psychological Association "For her unwavering commitment to social justice in her personal and professional life." Her work is a model for those who aspire to do peace activism and scholarship, to combine passion with analytical rigor, and to speak with both their heart and mind. The APA Division of Peace Psychology also confers on her the Outstanding Service Award.


Ma. Emma Concepcion Liwag, Alma de la Cruz, and Ma. Elizabeth Macapagal of the Ateneo Wellness Center complete a thorough review of gender socialization in the Philippines for the United Nations Children's Fund: How We Raise Our Daughters and Sons.


Allan B.I. Bernardo is awarded the National Research Council of the Philippines Achievement Award "in recognition of his distinguished career as a prolific researcher and author, respected professor, and academic leader; for original contributions to the field of cognitive science and especially human problem solving, mathematical cognition, bilingual cognition, cultural and contextual factors in thinking and theories of intelligence, as well as applications of cognitive science to education which has won for him prestigious national and international awards and fellowships for teaching and research; and for being a guiding light for young scholars and academics, thus ensuring the continued growth of psychology as a discipline."


The PAP confers the title of Outstanding Psychologist to 6 psychologists: Betty Abregana, Anna Daisy Javier Carlota, Noemi Catalan, Rosemarie Salazar Clenenia, Elizabeth R. Ventura, and Imelda Virginia Villar.

Source: Philippine Journal of Psychology